our philosophy

When we started DOGANDLIVING®, this idea was based on our love for our Australian Shepherd Juno. It still serves as motivation today and helps us to select all products carefully and individually. After all, the DOGANDLIVING® range should not only please dog owners, but also the dogs themselves. Our high demands on the quality of our entire range are aimed at helping helpless dog owners looking for high-quality dog supplies. The market that exists for products of this type is confusing and full of tempting promises that are not always entirely true. That is why we have put together the best products and brands for dog supplies in all important categories. We currently sell items from over twenty national and international manufacturers in the areas of on the go, care, home, play, hunger, travel and keeper items. In order to always stay up to date, we regularly renew and revise our range and take a close look at every trend on the market.

We select our products according to these criteria

When evaluating a product, the focus is on functionality. Nevertheless, the appearance and the stability are factors that we consider to be of great relevance. The materials of items that are not intended for consumption must be sturdy and durable so that enthusiastic, feral dogs will not have bitten, scratched or simply destroyed them after a short period of time. With the help of aesthetic, mostly simple products, we ensure that dog needs fit seamlessly into the interior design of most homes. We also check that all manufacturers from whom we obtain our products have a social and moral working culture. This includes not only adequate pay and good dealings with all employees, but also a conscious environmental policy. Our range consists only of natural, sustainable items. When it comes to our dog food selection, we are even more picky and only include regional foods in our range. In addition, all of our food is very nutritious and provides a dog with energy for a long time. Some articles for dog supplies are therefore more expensive than other providers, but in return we can rely on high quality, long shelf life and fair working conditions in the production and thus maintain our demanding standard.

The customer contact

Communication and proximity to our customers are important to us. While positive feedback motivates us to constantly work on DOGANDLIVING® and to improve, critical tips can help us to better understand the customer's perspective and to make appropriate changes. We are therefore very grateful to be able to not only be the operator of an online shop, but also the owner of our own store in Augsburg. This gives us the opportunity to get to know our customers regularly on a personal basis, to talk to each other and to receive praise and criticism in direct conversation. We take feedback of all kinds very seriously and look forward to any advice and comments. The opinion of our customers is our top priority. After all, the main goal of DOGANDLIVING® is to make passionate owners and their animals happy.