Grit and salt: this is the ideal way to care for your paws!

The transition from summer to autumn puts people's minds in different moods. On the one hand, many summer lovers mourn the sun and warm temperatures afterwards, on the other hand, a large part of the population is looking forward to the golden autumn, annual markets and to spend the last months of the year with delicious hot drinks in front of the crackling fireplace. In short: the cold season evokes different images in people. Many of them are associated with public holidays such as Halloween, Christmas and New Year's Eve, which represent this season in a very classic way and drastically influence the organization of autumn and winter.

The falling temperatures represent a major health risk for the paws of our four-legged friends. As the owner, we therefore urge you not to neglect natural paw care for your dog amidst all the stress of the holiday. Especially in winter it is Paw care an incredibly important topic that unfortunately often receives too little attention. Therefore we want to inform you about how you should organize the natural paw care of your dog, which products can help you and why these precautions are so important, especially in the cold season.

Why paw care is particularly important in winter

The winter roads are covered with road salt and gravel, some areas are icy and slippery and the snow cools your dog's paws down to low temperatures. Although many breeds have thick fur, which protects them from the cold, the delicate dog paws are unfortunately not so well prepared for winter conditions. With our thick, comfortable winter shoes, we humans rarely think about how our four-legged friends probably feel when they have to walk defenselessly over sharp-edged gravel or ice-cold layers of frost. Nevertheless, for the benefit of our dogs, we should try more often to put ourselves in the animal state of mind. Then we would be able to understand the relevance of natural paw care in dogs much better.

The cold winter air makes the skin dry and rough. As humans, we defend ourselves against this problem with moisturizing creams, but our dogs only experience this luxury when we think about their paw care in winter. The consequences of insufficient care are unpleasant itching and cracked skin for the four-legged friends. During winter walks, gravel can tear your dog's calluses on the ball of the toes and the spaces between the paw toes. As the owner, you may not even notice this at first, because many animals initially endure this pain without any appreciable reaction. If you continue walking, the previously caused cracks come into contact with aggressive road salt, which further irritates the wounds and counteracts healing. In addition, the salt dries out the skin and makes it crack. If you fail to take care of your dog's natural paw care, the wounds will develop into inflammation or even eczema. As a result, your dog will have problems walking every day and will soon be visibly suffering from his injuries.

You can save your four-legged friend a lot of pain by taking care of their paws, especially in winter. After you have been on the road, check his paws and try to choose routes that have not been sprinkled with salt and grit. An exception in this regard is made by older animals that could slip or fall on smooth, unpaved roads. Such a fall may have even more drastic consequences than the uncomfortable walk on gravel or road salt. If you still want to avoid routes covered with salt, we recommend special dog shoes with which your four-legged friend can no longer harm your four-legged friend. It is only important that the shoes are comfortable and do not interfere with your dog while walking. You should, however, conscientiously and thoroughly implement paw care in winter for every dog, with or without shoes.

Natural paw care for dogs

The natural paw care for dogs manifests itself in different tasks. First of all, we recommend the brand's so-called paw care PURPLE LOVES IT which protects the pads of the paws from external influences and heals injuries that have already occurred on the paws. It is therefore perfectly suited for paw care in winter, because it prevents cracks caused by road salt and grit and soothes wounds such as scratches and sores. The paw care formula contains natural ingredients such as calendula, organic coconut oil, apricot oil and lavender. For the desired effect, all you have to do is apply the product to your dog's paws and massage in before going for a walk. Make sure that the balls of the product are completely covered. If you want to use this natural paw care for dogs to treat injuries that have already occurred, the manufacturer recommends applying it to the affected area two to three times a day.

For some breeds, you may need to supplement your dog's natural paw grooming with cutting fur between the paws and the lower part of the leg. This fur not only impairs your four-legged friend when moving, it also promotes the formation of ice lumps between the pads of the paws. Use special rounded-end scissors for this part of your dog's natural paw grooming.

As you may have noticed, thorough paw grooming is especially important in winter. The external conditions attack the paws of your four-legged friend enormously, which is why they need a lot of attention from you afterwards. Nevertheless, we also want to emphasize the importance of natural paw care for dogs in general. The cutting of the dog's hair and claws, as well as the regular checking of the paws are part of your regular tasks as Dog owner that you should follow all year round. While it's especially important in winter, you need to take care of your dog's natural paw grooming in autumn, spring, and summer to keep them happy and healthy.