On the cookies, set and go: the best recipes for dog biscuits

The entire Christmas season is characterized by smaller sweets distributed throughout the day and several festive tables. The general diet break begins on December 1st with the first door of the advent calendar. In addition, the Christmas markets open, where you can help yourself to all kinds of delicacies for a whole evening. Those who have still strictly adhered to their eating plan can take a break from it on Christmas Eve and the following Christmas holidays at the latest, when there are several courses of homemade food in the presence of the family.

In this regard, Christmas is an unhealthy festival of sin. Nevertheless, it is the only time of the year when even meticulous calorie counters indulge in a few goodies without a guilty conscience.

Our dogs should of course also benefit from this side of the festival. Nevertheless, they are not allowed to receive anything from human food. Otherwise, you may experience uncomfortable symptoms such as diarrhea or vomiting.
Pre-packed treats become expensive in the long run and produce a large amount of unnecessary packaging waste. As an alternative, however, you can bake your own dog biscuits, which will literally sweeten your four-legged friend's Christmas. You can decide for yourself which ingredients you use for your recipe for dog biscuits and thus better respond to allergies and preferences of your four-legged friend.

Bake dog biscuits

Even if you would like to pamper your four-legged friend all day, you shouldn't bake too many dog biscuits. Similar to us humans, excessive consumption of delicious dog biscuits leads to obesity.
There are also certain ingredients that you should limit yourself to when baking dog biscuits. Even if they improve a normal biscuit noticeably, no chocolate or sugar should be added to the biscuits for your four-legged friends. Instead, dog biscuit recipes are primarily made up of ingredients such as meat, dairy products, vegetables, fruits, grains, eggs and nuts.
Otherwise, however, you are free to try it out and put your four-legged friend's favorite food together into a delicious recipe for dog biscuits. If you have your four-legged friend with you Nutritional supplements provide important nutrients in the form of oils, you can also use these when baking dog biscuits.
For those who are not so keen to experiment Dog owner Today we have selected two recipes for baking delicious dog biscuits.

Recipe for dog biscuits with liver sausage


300g of cottage cheese
200g fine oat flakes
200g coarse oatmeal
12 tbsp olive oil
1 egg


Almost all dogs love liver sausage. That's why this ingredient is almost as tempting in a recipe for dog biscuits as it is chocolate for us. Alternatively, you can bake your dog biscuits with tuna or other meat.
First, mix all of the ingredients listed above into a solid mass. If the dough is too dry in this composition, you can stretch it by adding a little water. If the consistency is too wet, it can be balanced out with flour.
You should now roll out the finished dough and cut it out with cookie molds. Then the dog biscuits are lined up on the baking sheet and pushed into the 180 ° C oven. They stay there for about 20-25 minutes with circulating air. The biscuits should be hard and completely baked when they are taken out, but of course not burnt black. Sticky, raw residues tend to get stuck between the teeth of your four-legged friend.
Also, make sure you let the cookies cool down long enough before you feed them to your dog.
If you bake meat-containing dog biscuits, they do not last as long as vegetarian biscuits. You should be best in one Treat box be kept in the refrigerator.

Recipe for vegetable-based dog biscuits


5 potatoes
1 beetroot
1 carrot
½ zucchini
100g polenta
Vegetable broth


If you bake dog biscuits but don't want to give your dog an overly high-calorie diet, vegetable-based biscuits are ideal for you.
You start this recipe for dog biscuits by peeling the 5 potatoes and boiling them. At the same time, you can grate the carrot, zucchini and beetroot into small pieces. Once the potatoes are ready, they too need to be grated. Before you bring all the ingredients together, the polenta is boiled in the vegetable stock.
You now only have to shape the finished mass into finished cookies. Due to the consistency, it is a good idea to fill them into small muffin tins or simply roll them into small balls with your hands.
In the end, the dog biscuits only have to be baked. To do this, spread them on a tray and then put them in the oven at 160 ° C for about an hour.
Et voilà, the delicious dog biscuits, which are also fantastic as a Christmas present for your four-legged friend, are ready.