Dogs that bark do not bite? What your four-legged friend wants to tell you by barking

A dog that barks all the time can get on your nerves. Nevertheless, our four-legged friends do not mean it badly. Dogs bark to communicate and express themselves. The barking represents a message that your four-legged friend would like to convey to you. It can mean that he is hungry or in pain. Dogs also bark to express feelings of loneliness, fear, boredom, or joy.
However, that doesn't mean you can't stop your dog from barking. We'll tell you how to do this in this article.

Stop the dog from barking

To a certain extent, one can and should tolerate one's dog's barking. After all, it's his way of communicating his current mood. Some breeds, such as the pug, German shepherd, or Jack Russell terrier, are very communicative by nature.
However, if your four-legged friend comments on every little thing with a bark and does not stop even on command, you should limit the barking with the help of dog training.
First of all, it is important to identify the reason for the barking. To do this, you have to watch your dog closely and remember in which situations it makes itself known by barking. Only then can you tackle the cause and stop your dog from barking.

Dogs bark because of low occupancy

Many dogs bark because they are not being used to full capacity. In this case, extensive exercise outdoors is the solution to the problem.
For some breeds, just a short walk is enough to satisfy their adventurous spirit. With retrieving games and practicing tricks, the time goes by in the fresh air.
However, some four-legged friends are real sports enthusiasts with a lot of energy and a desire to move. It makes sense for them to start a dog sport. The associated activities strengthen the bond between four-legged friend and master. They also support the dog mentally and physically. The result is a balanced, calm dog that no longer barks.

Dogs bark because they feel alone

If your dog barks as soon as you leave the room or the house, he wants to call you back with it.
In the wild, dogs live in packs. Domestic dogs see their family as their pack, which they would like to have around them permanently. They feel happy and safe around their family. Therefore, it is difficult for them to understand that their master does not always At home can be. Many of them have to learn this understanding first.
A good practice for this is if you leave the room several times a day and then come back. As the attempts progress, you can slowly increase the amount of time you are absent.
You are not allowed to go back into the room while your dog is barking. By responding to his bark, you encourage him to do so. So wait until he has stopped barking.
With this exercise, your four-legged friend learns to spend time alone and to put aside its fear of loss. You can often stop your dog from barking if you repeat the exercise with him several times.

Dogs bark because they are insecure or scared

Dogs bark when they feel unsafe or even afraid. To stop your dog from barking, you need to convey to him that you are in control. Establish that you are a sovereign leader and can protect him in an emergency. This requires a lot of time and patience on your part.
A rope at the To stroll is a good first step in making your dog feel safe. You show him that you are able to guide him and take care of him. You are not only his master, but also his pack leader. That's why he has to be able to rely on you.
Don't deviate from your routine when other passers-by cross your path. Your dog will notice if you suddenly slow down or speed up. Such a change in behavior could be interpreted as fear. Instead, you have to make him understand that other people or animals pose no threat to you.
That's why it doesn't help if you try to calm him down with words. This only confirms him in the assumption that something is wrong and that you are not in control of the situation.
In addition to a leash, regular daily routines can help alleviate your dog's anxiety. After all, our four-legged friends love routines. They give them security and structure. It is best to always feed your dog at the same time and also determine times when you go for a walk with him. In this way, you set a framework for each day that your dog will quickly know by heart.
As soon as your four-legged friend feels safe and protected in your presence, his constant barking should stop.

Dogs bark when they are in pain

When a dog barks, it means something to us. Sometimes he is neither afraid nor does he want to go for a walk outside. The barking can also be simply a call for help when he is in pain. In this case, it is not that easy to get your dog used to barking. On the contrary: after all, it is good if your dog points out his physical problems. The sooner he is treated, the better the chances of recovery. Sudden barking should therefore be taken seriously and checked by the veterinarian as quickly as possible.