Are Dogs Sad When Home Alone?

Dogs have a reputation for building a very strong bond with their master. They are extremely loyal and affectionate animals. It is therefore not surprising that many dogs have problems with this initially when their owner leaves them alone. They react by barking incessantly or even destroying the furniture.

For your dog you are a symbol of love and security. You ensure that his basic needs are met. When you leave the house, your dog doesn't know when or if you will come back. Suddenly he's on his own. This triggers great separation stress in many dogs. From an evolutionary point of view, this can be justified by the fact that wild dogs used to have little chance of survival without their pack. Even if the circumstances are different in this case, the primal fear of being abandoned is still anchored in your four-legged friend.

The sooner your dog learns that he can rely on you and that you keep coming back to him, the better he can deal with such a situation in the future. In the following text you will learn how you can leave your dog at home alone without him having to suffer from stress.

Leave the dog at home alone

If your dog gets loud as soon as you leave the house, you need to practice being alone with him first. This works best when he's still young. The older a dog gets, the more difficult it is to teach him new ways of life. The training starts when you are actually still at home. Be careful not to keep your dog entertained or otherwise attracting attention. This is how he learns to spend time with himself.

If your four-legged friend is usually always in the same room with you, you have to train them from this habit first. To do this, go to another room and tell him to sit in his seat while you do this. As soon as this exercise works, you can leave the house completely for the first time. You should either refrain from saying goodbye altogether or keep it short. If you say goodbye to your dog profusely, he'll think you're leaving as something unnatural. The goal, however, is for you to normalize leaving your dog at home alone. That's why you shouldn't have him with one after your return Treats reward. You should gradually increase the time you spend without your four-legged friend. A few minutes are enough for the first few times. As soon as you notice that you can leave your dog alone at home without him noticing your absence or commenting barking, you can stay away longer.

How long you can leave your dog at home alone

Dogs don't like to be separated from their master. If you have to leave your dog at home alone, keep the amount of time you are away to a minimum. Most sources disagree on how long a dog can stay at home alone. Even the opinions of the experts do not go beyond the advice to keep time as short as possible. Due to the differences between the races, the past of the various animals and individual characteristics, they cannot determine the exact number of hours. On average, many experts speak of five hours that a dog can bridge alone at home. However, this only applies if your four-legged friend is used to getting along without you for longer.

You should be extra careful when handling a puppy. A young dog must not be left at home alone for the first few weeks. Later you can slowly increase the time of absence. For a start, all you have to do is take out the trash and see how the puppy reacts. Even if your puppy already knows and can handle being alone, you shouldn't stay away longer than two hours.

Alternatives to leaving the dog at home alone

If you leave your dog at home alone, you can turn on the television or radio in front of them. This makes it feel like there's someone else in the house with him. However, proper company is even better, for example in the form of a second dog.

If you can't avoid leaving your dog at home alone for several days a week, consider hiring a dog sitter. This is a good solution, especially for working masters, which ensures that the four-legged friend does not get lonely. If you are going to be away for a longer period of time, it is also important that your dog is still allowed outside to relieve himself. When walking, he also lives out his urge to move. A prerequisite for the dog sitter is that you socialize your dog early on. He should react calmly to strangers so that you can leave him calmly with friends, family members, or a professional dog sitter.

In some companies it is also possible to take your four-legged friend to work. So you don't have to leave your dog alone at home, you can walk on yours Dog in the office watch out. He can be part of your life and motivate you at work. To do this, however, he must be well educated.