When can I leave my dog or puppy alone?

If you get yourself a four-legged friend, you have to balance your everyday life with your duties as a dog owner. Although you would like to spend all the time in the world with your dog, work, family and hobbies should not be neglected either. This is a particular challenge, especially with puppies that you cannot leave alone at first. But even at an advanced age, our four-legged friends are sociable and want to spend a lot of time with their master. In addition to the social aspect, they need to be outdoors regularly to move around and do their business.

Here you can find out how long and from when you can leave your dog alone.

Leaving puppies alone

Usually, puppies are given to a master by the breeder about three months after their birth. Then they find themselves in a completely new environment without their trusted caregivers. Both her mother and her pack of siblings are suddenly no longer at her side.

In this situation it is understandable that they have to struggle with many emotions and suffer from fear of loss. Leaving a puppy alone can cause him to panic. In the acclimatization phase, he needs a routine that gives him security. He must always have his new master around him. During this period of time, he builds love and trust in him.

Only when this relationship has been established after at least five months can you leave your little four-legged friend alone for a few minutes for the first time and start practicing being alone with him. In doing so, he should learn that you sometimes disappear, but in the end you always come back to him.

Depending on the breed and individual character, a puppy reacts differently when its master has the common At home leaves. Most of them get loud and restless, others are hardly bothered at all. It is therefore important to proceed cautiously. Only slowly increase the time you leave your dog alone and train him extensively beforehand.

Training to be able to leave your puppy alone

If you want to leave your dog alone, you need to practice with him beforehand. In the first step of the training, it is sufficient to leave the room casually. This works best if your four-legged friend is distracted beforehand, for example with one toy . You shouldn't pay much attention to him either when you leave or when you come back. Finally, it should become a matter of course that you are occasionally separated from each other. If you leave the room, your puppy may notice you and run after you. In this case, you keep walking around the house until he doesn't feel like following you anymore. With some animals you need more patience, others lose the desire to chase after a short time.

If you have repeated this exercise with your dog enough times, you can leave your home through the front door for the first time. Don't say goodbye to your four-legged friend beforehand, but go outside without causing a stir. Then listen at the front door to see if your dog is whining or barking. If so, come back to him without petting or calming him down. He shouldn't be rewarded for his clingy behavior.

Then start again with the exercise from the first step of the training. If you don't get any results even after a long period of time, you can consider hiring a dog trainer. With its help, you can leave your dog alone without him falling into a state of anxiety.

If your four-legged friend is calm as soon as you leave the house, gradually increase the time of absence. Make sure that you only stay away for a few minutes initially and that you continue to be near your home.

If you know what times to leave your dog alone, adapt your training to those times. In this way, your four-legged friend develops a routine and can prepare for you to leave the house at a certain time. We also recommend that you do a long, joint walk things to do before leaving your dog alone. During this time he can reduce his energy. After that he is more balanced and calmer.

How long you can leave your dog alone

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of how long you can leave your dog alone. Adult dogs should be separated from their master for a maximum of five hours a day. After this period, they not only have to do their business, but also crave company and attention.

These needs are even more pronounced in puppies. They have to leave the house more often during the day because they still have no control over their bladder. Regularly leaving your puppy alone can also cause severe emotional damage and anxiety disorders.

If there is no other option and you have to leave your puppy alone for a long time, we recommend that you hire a dog sitter or ask a family member for help. Nevertheless, you should generally try to spend as much time as possible with your four-legged friend.

In some companies, dogs can also be taken to the office. In this way it is possible to work and fulfill your duties as a dog owner at the same time!